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The Sergeant Ray Saga - Part I

Posted by bigceebee on April 28, 2016 at 3:20 PM

What follows is the text of something I posted on Facebook on April 26, 2016. It is the first part of an exchange I had with a scammer from Ghana. The second part can be found in another blog post at the link below:


Last evening, I received a friend request from Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg which I accepted after noting we had a dozen mutual friends. A minute later, I received a private message which resulted in the conversation below. :)

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: hello friend how are you

Claude Bouchard: I'm fine. Thank you for the invitation. :)

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: you are Welcome friend so tell me what is your name and were are you form ?

Claude Bouchard: My name is Oskar Meyer and I am from Frankfurt. I am a Frankfurter.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: wow that is nice am sergeant Raymond chandler by name from USA north California currently now am in Afghanistan working with the U.N on a special assignment

Claude Bouchard: Uh, huh. Do your friends call you Elisabeth? ;)

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: my friend that is name of lovely daughter so tell me do you have wife and kids

Claude Bouchard: I have one wife, four kids and many dogs.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: that is great so tell me whats your profession over there

Claude Bouchard: I make hot dogs. Do you have wives or kids or dogs?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: i am 60 years old i lost my wife to death 2006 to breast cancer..i have a lovely daughter Elisabeth by name she lives and study in the U.K she is 15 years old going to be 16 years soon..currently now am in Afghanistan working with the friend i chose to write to you here because i wanna know you more better as friends

Claude Bouchard: I would like to be a better friend. Do you like spinach?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: yes friend my friend there is something i would love to discuss with you here

Claude Bouchard: Please, tell me what it is. I'm very interested.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: very confidential

Claude Bouchard: Of course... *wink, wink*

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: so tell me can i trust you here

Claude Bouchard: You can trust me here, you can trust me there, you can trust me anywhere. I am trustworthy.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: OK friend i need you to help me receive my consignment box there in your country

Claude Bouchard: Your consignment box is in my country!?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: i need some one out there to help me receive my two consignment box contain 20.000000 million usd with 200 gold kg there in is country for me as my trustee beneficiary till i complete my services here and join him over to get my consignment am going to offer my trustee beneficiary %30 of the money and gold inside my consignment box

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: by the end of this year i will complete my services September November i will be completing my services

Claude Bouchard: I am very interested and also trustworthy to help you. What should I do now?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: keep it safe for me till i complete my services and join you over there in your country to share he money and gold inside the consignment box yes my friend i need help a private help

Claude Bouchard: Of course, a private help, duh. Where is your consignment box?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: i will direct you to contact the U.N Diplomat in accra ghana that will provide you wih all the legal document you need to receive the box there in your country as my trustee beneficiary

Claude Bouchard: Please direct me.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: what you need to do now my friend is for you to contact the U.N Diplomat by email so the diplomat will provide you with all he document you need to receive both box there in your country legally before will transit your country in one week time to deliver both box to your house

Claude Bouchard: Should I use a password? How about halibut?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: you will tell the diplomat that sergeant Raymond chandler ask you to contact him regarding is two consignment box in west African Ghana that what and what you need to do in other for you to help sergeant Raymond chandler receive is two consignment box there in your country

Claude Bouchard: And the box will be delivered to Frankfurt?! That's amazing!

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: yes my friend in one weekly time so i have to give you the diplomat email address so you can contact him by email

Claude Bouchard: Yes, please do, and tell him the secret password, halibut.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: [email protected] yes i will need you to contact the diplomat so the diplomat will tell you everything you need to do and also when he will arrive your country with both consignment box

Claude Bouchard: I will contact him for sure. Should I wear a special coloured hat when we meet so he recognizes me?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: yes friend good my friend always keep me in touch as soon you contact the diplomat

Claude Bouchard: How about a purple hat, in honour of Prince?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: that we been nice my friend so tell me when are you going to contact the diplomat

Claude Bouchard: In six minutes... Tick tock...

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: here is the diplomat phone can also call him by phone... +233231931026+233231931026

 Claude Bouchard: What if he's sleeping or if his wife answers?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: please send the mail now or call the diplomat now send email to the diplomat ok

Claude Bouchard: I will send it soon. My wife asked what I was doing but I want to keep this confidential because I am trustworthy. She will fall back asleep in three minutes.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: ok my friend i will need you to understand that the U.N Diplomat will ask you for some little money to get the U.N Registration form that will enable you to receive the box there in your country legally

Claude Bouchard: Okay, how much money will I need? Should I go get some cash from the ATM?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: $3000 ok but the reason i need you to receive this box for me on my behalf is for you to keep both box safe till i return are not going to spend money on this ok..the only money you will have to pay is for the diplomat to change the ownership name of the box to your name for you to be able to receive both box legally there in your country

Claude Bouchard: Can I pay the diplomat with money from the box?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: my friend you have pay the diplomat first before come to you ok

Claude Bouchard: Can I pay him with PayPal? That would be the easiest way. I wouldn't have to go th the ATM.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: i am very serious about this that's why i need you to assist me in this...inside both box contain lot of treasure that will benefit the both of us for a life time as soon you receive the box there in your house please you dont have to get worry about that ok as soon the box get to you there in your country all the money you spend on the box will be give back to you and also both of us will be rich for a life time Please note that confidentiality is very essential in this deal.I look forward to your reply and cooperation. have you called the diplomat ?

Claude Bouchard: I tried to call him but the line was busy. He should get call-waiting.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: send email to the diplomat ok

Claude Bouchard: Okay, I will send an email right now. Off to send an email. Please hold to maintain the priority of your call.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: my friend am til waiting for you to called diplomat

Claude Bouchard: Thank you for calling Verizon Mobile. My name is Alice. How can I help you?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: my friend email diplomat ok

Claude Bouchard: The eagle flies under the full moon. I'm talking in code to foil the FBI. Good trick, right? :D I didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday!

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: wow i see lol my good friend

Claude Bouchard: This was fun. We should do this more often. Do you want me to refer you to some other friends? Some of them are really nuts. :P

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: wow that will be so good of you my good friend

Claude Bouchard: Seriously, do you make a decent living with these scam things? Selling hot dogs is not a big money maker for me so maybe I could get into your biz.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: yes my friend i do make a decent living out of this ok'

Claude Bouchard: Well, good for you. Karma, baby... Karma...

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: my good friend everything will be fine ok..all you need to do now is for you to contact the diplomat by email so the diplomat will start making all the necessary preparation to deliver both consignment box to you there in Frankfurt

Claude Bouchard: Yeah, I'll be in touch with the diplomat pronto, Lizzy. In the meantime, may some nasty mofo kick down your door and relieve you of your hands with a machete. xox

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: ok friend thats nice i understand you here so tell me what will you be doing over there today

Claude Bouchard: Running around my property without any pants.

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: lol hmmm but why? why will you do that?

Claude Bouchard: Fuck off, Elisabeth...


At this point, I considered our chat over, having worn out my friendship with Lizzy aka Sergeant Raymond Chandler. I had already unfriended him and turned off the iPad for the night.


This morning, I noted he had sent me another friend request and had sent the following messages:


Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: how do you mean?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: hello friend how you there ?

Elisabeth Rufina Wilberg: have you contact? the diplomat


Obviously a sharp man, Sarge is...

You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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